Home News Mozambique: Elation as President inaugurates new solar power station

Mozambique: Elation as President inaugurates new solar power station

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The Mozambican government is committed to getting electricity into the homes of all 30 million citizens to further drive national development while ensuring that families can prosper through the productive use of electrical power.

As part of the government’s effort, President Filipe Nyusi recently inaugurated the Matchedje solar power station, located in the northern province of Niassa.

The electrification project contains 23 kilometers of medium voltage transmission line, a network of 14 kilometers of low voltage line, and four transformer posts.

It also includes 94 public illumination lampposts. Some of the first establishments that will be connected to the Itepela grid include two flour mills, seven shops, two government buildings, a school, and a health center.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nyusi said that the solar power station, expected to power around 400 households, has the capacity of a 200-kilowatt peak, and is part of the government’s plans to ensure that electricity reaches ten million more consumers by 2024.


He emphasized that access to electricity is an important catalyst for the country’s socio-economic development.

As such, the government, through the “Energy for All” project, will step up its interventions to boost access to electricity in the rural areas, with a particular focus on renewable sources of power.

In agreement, the Secretary of State for Niassa, Diniz Vilanculos, said that the establishment of the solar power station will accelerate the creation of small industries and self-employment, and also promote tourism.

According to him, about 39 percent of the Mozambican population currently has access to electricity in their homes – 35 percent from the national grid run by EDM, and four percent from solar panels and other alternative sources provided by the National Energy Fund (FUNAE).

Nyusi urged all Mozambicans to support the advancement of the national electrification program, calling for greater vigilance and protection of the equipment installed, and denunciation of destruction and theft of electrical materials.