Cleanbuild.africa is a green tech advocacy platform that explores clean technology in Africa, and how Africa can transition to alternative energy, thereby reducing the effects of climate change on the planet.

It is a subsidiary of Build Media Africa, an online tech media company that covers innovation across Africa’s startup ecosystem, blockchain industry and the cleantech sector.

NatureAs an ecologically focused blog, cleanbuild.africa documents the growth and progress of the cleantech industry in Africa, and ways the continent can harness natural sustainable resources to contribute to a global green world. Our aim is to aggregate news, inform, educate and create awareness about the circular economy, renewable energy and other verticals of the cleantech industry.

In a world that is being overtaken by pollution, we are committed to supporting efforts to reduce global warming and other catastrophic effects of climate change.

While we recognize that investment is critical to ongoing efforts to save the planet, particularly in developing economies, our key objectives are to report funding activities within Africa’s cleantech sector as well as investigate how beneficiaries utilize funds in strengthening the advancement of cleantech in the continent.

To accelerate the progress of players in the African cleantech sector, there is a need to enforce civic responsibility. Part of what cleanbuild also aspires to do is encourage individuals, SMEs and companies and manufacturers to be environmentally conscious, incorporating eco-friendly practices such as recycling and the use of solar or alternative energy in daily living.