ENI - cleanbuild

Italy’s Eni to develop a sustainable biofuel industry in Kenya

Italy's leading energy company Eni, through its subsidiary Eni Kenya, and Kenya’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mining have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to...
Homefort - cleanbuild

How Homefort is helping Nigeria’s low-income households switch to clean cooking

Data from the International Energy Agency shows that over 2.6 billion people cook using open fires or stoves powered by kerosene, biomass, and coal.The...
clean energy - cleanbuild

EIB-ISA joint research unpacks solutions to unlocking energy access in Africa

Did you know that presently over 120 million households across Africa lack access to reliable and affordable energy, with 60 million households expected to...
renewable energy - cleanbuild

How robotics is transforming the renewable energy industry

To an extent, pop culture may have succeeded in shaping many people's perceptions of robots.With movies such as Terminator, Star Wars, and the like,...
Siemens Stiftung - cleanbuild

5 African startups win Siemens Stiftung’s E-Mobility Innovation Competition

Five social enterprises have emerged winners in Siemens Stiftung’s first open, E-Mobility Innovation Competition tagged “Electric Mobility Made in Africa for Africa”.From a pool...
Simusolar - cleanbuild

Tanzania’s Simusolar secures USD 1.5M bond from EDFI ElectriFI to help rural smallholders

Simusolar, a Tanzania-based cleantech startup has received a total of EUR 1.26m from EDFI ElectriFI, the EU-funded Electrification Financing Initiative, with the facilitation services...
afdb - cleanbuild

Korea partners AfDB to channel $600 million into Africa’s energy projects

The African Development Bank (AfDB), the Korean Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the Export-Import Bank of Korea have signed an agreement stating that...
Kowry energy - techbuild

Kowry Energy secures Rolls-Royce as investor, launches across Sub-Saharan Africa

Berlin-based but African-owned company, Kowry Energy, has announced today that it has won Rolls-Royce as an investor as it sets to launch across Sub-Saharan...
geothermal energy - techbuild

Using geothermal energy to solve Africa’s power issue

In recent decades, there's been much exploration into how renewable energy reduces pollution and enhances sustainability at the same time.Using renewable energy puts countries...
clean energy - cleanbuild

“Clean energy investment in developing economies should be a global priority”- IEA Report

Today, the major environmental challenge facing the modern world is climate change. Across the world, temperatures are rising, weather patterns are shifting, and the...

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