EarthRanger opens nominations for 2021 Conservation Technology Award ($15,000)

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Are you an environmental conservationist deploying technology to support your cause? If yes, you may apply for the 2021 Conservation Technology Award open to organizations and startups across the world that are leveraging technology to drive their work in conservation.

Launched by Vulcan, under its philanthropic portfolio, EarthRanger, the award is seeking to provide two grants, each in the amount of $15,000 USD, to tech-driven solutions that address environmental problems.

EarthRanger is a software solution that helps conservation organizations safeguard wildlife and their habitats, thereby protecting the ecosystem. As such, one grant will be given to an EarthRanger user and one to a non-EarthRanger user.

Award details

The Conservation Technology Award is opened to both EarthRanger users and conservation organizations not currently using the solution.

To that end, one of the two $15,000 USD grants will specifically go to a non-EarthRanger user to encourage further development and innovation in conservation technology.

Eligibility criteria

All applicants must

  • Follow Vulcan Inc.’s Business Partner Code of Conduct after which they will be vetted following federal and international grantmaking, which are included as a disclaimer on the grant application.
  • Any organization, protected area and government entity working in conservation will be eligible to apply for this grant.
  • Individuals can apply on behalf of their organization.

Note that Vulcan is seeking to award two grants, one grant will be given to an EarthRanger user and one to a non-EarthRanger user. If you self-identify as an EarthRanger user, you need to indicate this on the grant application.

How to apply

Select “Apply Now,” which leads to the grant application. The application is comprised of 9 brief questions to collect basic information about your organization; 3 writing prompts to learn about your work in the conservation technology space; a section to upload visual assets including images and an option to link to a video.

Since incomplete or partial submissions will not be accepted, you must ensure that you submit fully completed applications for consideration.

It is also recommended that applicants draft responses separately and copy over final answers to the web application.

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