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5 African startups win Siemens Stiftung’s E-Mobility Innovation Competition

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Five social enterprises have emerged winners in Siemens Stiftung’s first open, E-Mobility Innovation Competition tagged “Electric Mobility Made in Africa for Africa”.

From a pool of over 100 applications from 19 African countries, the 5 startups outstanding for their sustainable and inclusive models, were selected to receive prize money ranging from €10,000 to €50,000.

The funding is expected to be used for product development, expansion, and building a stronger market presence. Below are the winning startups.

Rolf Huber, the MD of Siemens Stiftung credited the large number of applications he received to the “huge social and economic potential of innovative technical solutions related to electric mobility.”

MicroMek Ltd – Malawi

The startup produces 3-D printed transport drones that help to deliver healthcare products to underserved communities in remote areas of Malawi as well as being used for environmental monitoring.

BEAM Sarl – Burkina Faso

Since about 90% of Burkina Faso’s labor force is in the agriculture sector, BEAM Sarl, a mobile-powered solar platform, is working to reduce the workload of farmers in Africaelectr, thereby improving the living condition of people living in rural areas.

Greenfoot Africa Ltd – Tanzania

The marketplace app offers a clean and environmentally friendly way to pick up and deliver goods. It is on a mission to empower local businesses and consumers to transition to green energy and work more efficiently.

SolarTaxi – Ghana 

An e-mobility transportation company, SolarTaxi is a provider of various electronic vehicles that are powered by solar energy to transport people’s goods and services.

ThinkBikes Ltd – Nigeria

The first electric bicycle-sharing platform in Nigeria, this startup also offers users- business owners, students- rental services at affordable rates which are charged per hour.