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Terre de Femmes International Award opens to women supporting biodiversity (€10k)

Terre de Femmes International Award - cleanbuild

To all the women working hard to preserve the planet in various parts of the world, the Yves Rocher Foundation is pleased to announce its Terre de Femmes International Award to reward your efforts.

Launched in 2019, the International Award is an annual thematic award that is redefined every year. For this year’s edition, the award will be given to women-led projects committed to the conservation of wildlife and associated ecosystems, through concrete actions within a non-profit organization.

The Foundation understands that protecting the future starts today not to mention that tackling the climate emergency requires every ounce of energy and drive.

To that end, the Terre de Femmes International Award is designed to highlight the role of all the women who are fighting on a daily basis, in their communities, and alongside local populations, to promote the importance of wildlife as a fundamental element of the planet’s ecosystem. The contest is open to women around the globe.

Award size

Winners are eligible to receive up to a €10,000 grant.

Focus areas

Projects must include any of the following eligible subjects:

  • Fighting to save a species from extinction
  • Studying and listing different species (from ant to whale) with the aim of better protecting them
  • The preservation of fragile ecosystems (wetlands, forests, etc.) and their associated biodiversity
  • The improvement of “human-animal” cohabitation within territories
  • Educating local communities and future generations on wildlife conservation.
How to apply

In order to participate, click here to fill the application form. To do that, you will compile a complete dossier (maximum of 10 to 20 pages) including the following sections:

  • You: your photo, your CV, and your commitment to the environment.
  • Your work (at least 1 year of existence): detailed aim (3 to 5 pages); location (on map); background and actual achievements; prospects, detailed table of the budget; and photos of the work.
  • Your organization: its team, its partners, its network, any grants it has received.

Applicants have until Tuesday, November 30, 2021, to complete their applications. Visit the Yves Rocher Foundation to get more information.

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