#CleanbuildVoices – Taking action against Climate Change

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Climate change is REAL & the planet needs saving. With rising temperatures threatening our health and food security, air pollution, the amazon rainforest at risk and a 46% rise in climate-related disasters, there is no time than now to take conscious, intentional steps in addressing the adverse effects of climate change.

Across the African continent, there is a lot of doubt and disbelief about the existence of climate change despite evidence that we face a grunt of the repercussions. Climate action has to be collective action, only together can we combat the challenges of climate change.

To ensure maximum community engagement Cleanbuild.Africa is launching a digital media campaign #CleanbuildVoices.

Climate Change

The campaign is aimed at uniting the voices of young people, stakeholders and governments across Africa to educate, advocate and take meaningful action towards stemming the harmful effects of climate change. Cleanbuild.Africa’s goal is to use this campaign in making every African digital citizen conscious and actively involved in fighting climate change.

#CleanbuildVoices – Let your voice be heard!

1. Monday is Solution Monday:

Cleanbuild will share helpful tips with our community to help them address environmental issues within their immediate environment. #SolutionMondays

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2. Tuesday is Circular Tuesday:

Cleanbuild will explore opportunities existing within the circular economy value chain. From a continental level and urge the community to do the same within their communities.

Climate Change in Africa3. Wednesdays fall into the international WCW trend as we explore Women4theClimate:

Cleanbuild aims to use Wednesdays as days to highlight how women and children are affected by climate change and also what they are doing from anywhere across the African continent to address the situation.

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4. Thursdays we explore climate Justice:

Climate change is beyond social but is also a political and governance issue. On Thursdays, we will explore how policy can be used to fight climate change across the continent.

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5. Fact Friday:

Everyone loves to learn new facts! Cleanbuild.africa goes on a fact-finding mission to research;

  • What we know about climate change and other environmental issues
  • What we need to know
  • What the facts are about the current state and expected future state of the planet if no action is taken
  • All this is geared to helping individuals know how individuals’ actions and/or inactions contribute to or solve the problem.

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6. Show-me Weekend:

This is a call for a little action on weekends. So, with your phones and other electronic gadgets, you could document and share how you are individually trying to solve environmental problems

CleanBuildVoices 7Our objectives

1 million voices, multiple languages, one cry, Save the Planet #CleanbuildVoices.

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