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Leveraging Technology to proffer Climate Change Solution 

leveraging tech
credit: WIPO

The discussion of climate change has been going on for ages, yet little has been done to curb
it, leveraging technology to proffer climate change solution should be the new discussion.

This topic has ranged from the use of clean energy to waste management and it’s like.
Subsequently, leaders, private parastatals and groups have taken to the street to educate as
well as campaign for the need of green life

These actions have called for leveraging technology at the world’s
disposal, to proffer solutions to climate change.

The question has always been “can we invent ourselves out of climate change?” there are technologies that can help to make the climate a better place.

Solar Panel

With technology like this, changes in climate can be managed as they change can efficiently
supply power without the use of fossil fuels which emits greenhouse gas, (GHG) to the
atmosphere, an action that contributes negatively to the climate.

Solar panels are becoming relatively cheaper by the day, their usefulness is also growing
rapidly as they can be relied on to give sustainable and renewable power supply.

Wind Turbine

Another technology worth leveraging is wind turbine, this is another way of generating
power from nature without emitting greenhouse gas (GHG) thereby contributing to climate

Power -to- X
This is a good technology to leverage on the electrolyzer to extract hydrogen from the water, the process is a way of storing energy in different form, it is another form of renewable and clean energy.
Why leverage on these technologies

As human activities contribute more to climate change, technology becomes the more reasonable means to manage the planet. The emission of greenhouse gas ( GHG) is on the rise, the only solution to grant a successful clean climate or at least almost clean climate is innovation on technology. These technologies can be used anywhere, both rural and urban regions.

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