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5 ways to convert your household waste into reusable materials

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Waste is something we deal with on a daily basis; as such, effective management of waste can be a real deal especially for people living in urban and rural areas. While many rely on waste collectors to help them dispose of their trash, some improperly dispose of their household waste adding to waste pollution.

Proper waste management is a good way of protecting the environment as well as the health of every citizen. Maybe you’re tired of waiting for days before your trash collector comes around. The good news is that you can manage your waste in ways that bring you value.

Think about this: Nearly 0.8kg of waste is generated per person every day especially those living in cities. Recycling makes it easy to get some value from your waste. Consider some ways you can convert your household waste into useful materials.

Organic manure

First, start by separating your household waste into dry and wet to make it easier for you. Your wet waste is your fruit peels, leftover foods, while your dry waste is your plastics, nylons, paper bags, put these waste separately.

Next, you put your wet waste in a pot and wait for it to compost. When this is done, you can then use your organically prepared manure for gardening and planting. If you don’t keep a garden, you could sell your manure to farmers or gardeners.

Animal feed

Your yam, cassava, and plantain peels can be used to feed other livestock like goats, cows, etc. people who rear these animals for business are in great demand of this and could benefit from it.

Farming tools

Your metal scraps could be sold to scrap collectors or blacksmiths who then produce ax, cutlass, and other simple farm tools out of them.

Household items and accessories

Most plastic containers can be converted, for instead, you can convert your jars into toothpaste holders or brush holders. Your bathroom items like your old toothbrush can be converted to a washing brush, for places your hand can’t reach and also for cleaning enclosed spaces.

Also, instead of disposing of that side bag, you can convert it into a makeup bag for ladies and toiletries bag and/or jewelry bag. Don’t dispose of your plastic bags, you can convert them into trash cans, or still reuse them for your next shopping.

Clothes can be converted too. So, instead of buying a foot mat, old clothes can be converted into your foot mat, duster, and cleaning rags. Some may even be used as hand towels. Solid waste such as your plastic bottles can serve as a means of water storage. No doubt, many homes are already doing this. That’s a good way to manage plastic waste in their household.

Art and craft

You can use your newspapers as envelopes, why dispose of them and spend money buying envelopes when you can make your own envelopes. You can also use your newspapers and magazines as your wallpaper. You may be surprised at the work of art that can result from doing that.

These are just a few of the many things you can generate just from recycling your household waste. Apart from reducing pollution which is quite a feat, you’d be contributing to efforts to transition into a circular economy.

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